Venice, a captivating city which strikes the eye and moves the heart.  Enveloped in the same magic, the Metropole offers you emotions involving all the senses. Eccentric, warm, eclectic, a place where the décor becomes an emotional experience, where each detail tells a story.  A 5 star hotel that seduces and charms, a restaurant that surprises for its creative cuisine and the fame of its awards. Behind both of them, love, care and persistence.  The resulting mood is incomparable.  After all, here nothing happens by chance.

• LOCATION: a stone’s throw from Piazza San Marco and the Art Biennale, perfect for reaching the city’s shops and museums

• THE VIEW: of the lagoon and the island of San Giorgio is spectacular

• THE GARDEN: a luxuriant oasis of plants and scented citrus fruits, it is the perfect place for summer evenings or to have lunch outdoors under the gazebo

• A PRIVATE WATERGATE: with an elegant private landing stage allows guests to arrive directly at the hotel by water taxi

• ATMOSPHERE: suggestive and welcoming, created by candles, perfumes and incenses which pervade the hotel with their delicate fragrances. Precious fabrics of different periods decorate the hotel’s interiors and rooms

• THE GALLERY: is a veritable museum of antiques… 19th-century visiting-card cases, Belle Époque evening bags, curious corkscrews and nutcrackers and the largest Italian collection of crucifixes

• “L’ETAGE DEI VENTAGLI”: a whole floor dedicated to a collection of more than 100 fans from different ages, magnificent in feathers from the Deco period, delicate in silk and fabric, hand painted or embroidered with floral decorations

THE METROPOLE ROOM FRAGRANCE: an inebriating black pepper fragrance created by the Metropole for its guests wafts through the rooms

• THE ROOMS: 67, where prestigious furniture of the 18th century blends perfectly with that of the Orient and the Art Deco period, decorated with precious Fortuny and Bevilacqua fabrics, fine silks and velvets in the Venetian tradition

• THE SUITES: simply stunning with precious period furnishings, enchanting views and elegant bathrooms, they are the essence of luxury and top-level comfort

• THE ORIENTAL BAR: an enchanting Moroccan style corner with mellow lights, soft sofas and damask cushions. From the windows, a breathtaking view of the island of San Giorgio; on the walls, elegant Fortuny lamps and original Thai armour from the late 19th century

• THE TEA CEREMONY: highpoint of afternoons at the Metropole from October to March when a selection of rare blends of tea is served with a special ceremony made up of a thousand details, candlelight, soft music, exquisite sandwiches and pastries made by the Chef.

• TRA’CONTEMPORARY CUISINE AT THE MET RESTAURANT: the Met Restaurant has a history of prestigious ratings and is now proposing an original concept. It combines both traditional and contemporary dishes, all made from carefully selected, Italian raw materials and fresh seasonal products. The Tra’Contemporary Cuisine has been received favourably by the critics and has been awarded with the Michelin Star

• FASHION DESIGN MADE IN VENICE: On display in the Oriental Bar are creations by five Venetian fashion designers. The Metropole offers precious backing to fine workmanship

• MUSIC: the resident DJ every week enlivens evenings in the bar with the best Chill & Lounge sounds

•ART: fundamental element in the essence of the Hotel, expressed through eclectic exhibitions in the “One Artist-One Piece” style

• THE GUESTS: Famous celebrities from the world of Music have stayed at the Metropole: Mick Jones, Lou Reed, Lenny Kravitz, Jovanotti, Patty Smith, just to mention a few

The Metropole Hotel has a reputation for bold decisions and superb results, because courage deserves reward, and because there is no need to travel far to find excellent food. A Michelin star, because the uniqueness of this cuisine has amazed even the most discerning palates. The Tra’contemporary menu, introduced by the Met Restaurant in 2012, merges two opposite but complementary philosophies. Rigorously Italian recipes are presented both traditionally and in a fresh, contemporary manner. The menu includes the great dishes that have written the history of Italian food, as well as contemporary versions of the same recipes, presented in creative and unexpected forms and colours. While past and present are in stark contrast, all the Met’s dishes are made from carefully selected, top quality raw materials, and fresh seasonal products. Extraordinary food demands an extraordinary setting, and the Met Restaurant reflects the dualism of tradition and modernity with a context of rare elegance.

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