Discovering new destinations and experiencing unique cultures is what travelling is all about. It expands your horizons and adds a different perspective to your life. Not to mention that it also offers a much-needed change of pace from your daily routine.

Most travellers come away from their journeys with amazing stories. But there are plenty of examples from those who have had less than pleasant experiences whether it was from falling for a scam or getting seriously injured. No matter where you travel to, it’s important to be mindful of your own personal safety. Follow these safety tips to minimise the chances of something bad happening on your travels.

Check the Smartraveller Site

Most places are relatively safe for tourists but it doesn’t hurt to double-check. The Australian Government has a site that lists known conflicts that are happening in each country. If you’re travelling to a destination for the first time, it’s a good idea to check what the situation is like and if there are any specific areas you should avoid. In addition to travel safety, the site shows other important information like whether you need a visa, a description of local laws, an overview of natural disasters, and where to get help. The Smartraveller site is regularly updated but be sure to check back in the weeks and days leading up to your departure date. If you’re planning a trip six months from now, there’s no telling what might happen on the day you actually arrive.

Be Aware of Common Scams

No matter how safe an area appears, there are those who prey on unsuspecting individuals with sophisticated scams. Tourists often make the perfect targets for a number of reasons – They typically have their valuables with them and many are new to the area. Every country has its own specific scams so it’s a good idea to research them so you know what to look out for and how to avoid them. Simply type in “city name + scams” in Google to learn more about common scams in specific cities.

Let Others Know Your Itinerary

Once your travel plans are set in stone, make sure to let others know including your friends and family. The simplest way is to email your itinerary although you can just as easily do so over text. The reason why you want to let others know your itinerary is so they can keep tabs on your whereabouts and notify the proper authorities if they don’t hear from you for a few days. When you book a holiday package any destination, one thing to be particularly careful of is sharing your itinerary on social media. It makes it easy for others with ill intentions to keep track of your movements.

Get Travel Insurance

No one likes to think about anything that could go wrong on their trip abroad. The reality though is that anything can happen – Your flights might get cancelled due to unexpected circumstances, you may get seriously injured while out on a hike, or you may need emergency medical attention. Having reliable insurance offers peace of mind as coverage will help keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. Travel insurance typically costs anywhere from 5 to 10% so be sure to factor that into your budget.

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