During my recent visit to Cannes, where I attended the International Luxury Travel Market, I took advantage of a break in the events schedule by taking the short journey to London, where I was a guest at the Metropolitan by COMO.

Located in the heart of bustling London (right on Park Lane and overlooking Hyde Park) this is a prestigious and standout property in a city with no shortage of high end accommodation options, which speaks volumes for the COMO brand.

The hotel is elegantly understated from the street, but can’t be missed by passers by because of the hordes of people celebrating Friday night drinks in the lobby bar, and The Who’s who of London heading to the internationally renowned Nobu on the 1st floor. This energised atmosphere infuses the refined design of the lobby, and invites guests to enjoy the fun vibe when entering the hotel.

This buzzing space is perfumed with the same intoxicating spa scent, “Invigorate”, as the metropolitan in Bangkok and Point Yamu by COMO. The brand does a great job of being reliably consistent across all of their properties by using the same fragrances and design schemes in each of their individual lifestyle brands.

Checking in was a breeze, and before I knew it I was swept up to my corner suite overlooking Park Lane and the rolling green lawns of Hyde Park. As I expected the suite included all the same amenities that I have enjoyed in other COMO properties, including the high tech facilities that I believe COMO hotels are renowned for.

Having said that the technology in this suite has been my favourite so far.  Everything was controlled by a touch screen phone next to my bed, with another panel in my living room. Through these, lights can be dimmed, music connected, the TV controlled, your room privacy sign switched on and off, and for me, the killer feature, a one touch button to open and close the expanse of blinds.

Breakfast is taken in the Nobu restaurant, which is bright and modern. It features all of the Shamballa cuisine which I was looking forward to eating. This is a breakfast that will not disappoint.

The hotel also features a large gym and COMOs signature spa, where even Londoners come to experience a quiet and sophisticated sanctuary, escaping the huddle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest cities.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book any of the COMO hotels and resorts.

See you on the #COMOtrail.

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